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This unit incorporates arefrigeration system that dramatically increases the operational range of thecabinet.

A low-pressure water vaporgenerator, injecting saturated water vapor into the recirculating air duct,controls chamber humidification. This process is preferable to steam generationbecause steam introduces additional heat to the chamber atmosphere, which thencompromises temperature control. Uniform temperature and humidity aremaintained by circulating chamber atmosphere through a recirculating air ductsystem. The air ducts also serve as shelf supports and can be easily removedfor cleaning.

SHEL LAB Humidity Test Cabinetsprovide a controlled environmental chamber for a wide range of industrial andbiotechnical testing applications.

All chambers include:

  • Microprocessor Control
  • Seamless Corrosion-ResistantStainless Steel Interior
  • High Limit Back-Up Controller

Please note this unit needs to beplumbed with distilled water or filtered tap water. Water resistance must be inthe range of 50K-1M Ohm/cm or conductivity range of 20.0-1.0 uS/cm. If yourlaboratory cannot support this water quality, purchase the SHEL LAB WaterPurification Kit. See the installation and operation manual for moreinformation.



Part ID


Exterior Dimensions (W × D × H)

44 × 32.7 × 57.8
(1118 mm × 831 mm × 1468 mm)

Interior Dimensions (W × D × H)

30 × 21 × 30
(762 mm × 533 mm × 762 mm)


10.9 cu.ft. (309 L)

Shelf Dimensions (W × D)

29.4 × 19 (747 mm × 482 mm)

Unit Weight

468 lbs (212 kg)

Interior Metal

430 SST

Exterior Metal

Painted Cold Roll Steel

Operating Temperature Range

10C - 70C

Controller Type


Display Resolution

0.1 °C

Power Voltage , Frequency and Current

110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 18 Amps

Max HVAC Load

6019 BTUs/hr

SHC10R 110/120V Manual

SHC10R 220/240V Manual

SHC10R Brochure

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